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ArmA2 OA: Play Hard Go PRO 5vs5

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A big hello by the ASC team! We know that you are more into coop but I see that you are organized enough to play in a PvP tournament so here we go:

First of all We would like to inform you that we moved @

After your support and love in the first season we managed to host a Tournament with more than 20 teams and more than 150 differant players.

Season two is ready to begin! Gather your team and make a post on our forums to join the Cup! @

The "Play Hard Go PRO 5vs5 Cup just like the other will support live broadcast of matches (yeah just like football :)) and referees. The live draw will be casted by our Channel onn 30th of September and the first round of the tournament will take place from 1st of October to 7th of the month.

What you need to join?

Just 5 friends of yours who own OA and no need of any addons/mods!

If you want to contact us don't hesitate to come and make a post on our forums or email us at or Contact us @ skype: vampyrictyrant or memanos

If your clan has 10 members or more you can also deploy more than 1 teams play in the tournament!

The map-pack is here: which has the maps you played in the last season plus two new! If you find any bugs we await for your feedback.

We want to wish all the teams good luck and to have fun! we await you!









Jerry Hopper with his donated 1x ArmA2OA to ASC that will be given as prize to the winning team!!!

Here you can find the recored matches of last season:









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Thanks for the invitation but we are not playing without the ACE mod. We also don't like to play game with respawn.

Anyway I wish you good luck for your tournament ;)

Edit: you should post your message on the french community site/forum:

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